So you probably want to know a bit about KBessey if you’re on this page.  Well, I can tell you this much:

  • She has a husband and daughter.
  • She was one of the founding members of Red Zone Fandom but when the Magic TCG section fell apart, so did her contributions.
    • She feels kind of bad about that.
  • She doesn’t do online roleplaying much anymore but when she does it’s at the Fantasy Artists, Role Players, and Writers Guild.
    • Interesting note: FARPWG is run and owned by her father.
  • She draws the on-again off-again webcomic Science Fox, which is basically a group of terrible, amazing puns delivered by stylized Sharpie-drawn foxes.
  • She is a super nerd.
  • No but really, super nerd.
  • She knows the joke about writing about oneself in the third person in a bio is cliche, but here she is, making it anyhow.

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